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The World’s best motorcycle and ATV Chock/Stand. Haul your motorcycle or ATV in a trailer, van, or pickup or work on it in your shop or the dirt.

“We may not be chrome, but we outshine the rest.”




Using as a Workstand

The Slik Stand makes a great work tool!! Use it to hold your bike upright and stable for simple maintenance or major repairs. Attach either wheel of your bike to the Slik Stand and the end of the motorcycle not attached can be raised as needed by jacking or any other safe means of lifting. This allows for removal of the front or rear wheels, forks, motor or any part of the bike. Use it in the garage, the driveway, or anywhere else that you want to stabilize your bike.

A "Rear Shoe" is offered to hold the rear of the motorcycle in place. Simply attach tie downs to the slotted holes in the sides of the shoe and to the motorcycle. Only 2 bolts are needed to secure the "Rear Shoe" to the floor.


The "SLIK CHOCK" was designed for all sizes and brands of motorcycles.It's unique design allows for quick and easy installation or removal once the mounting hardware has been installed in the floor of the transporting vehicle.


Slik Stuff Hardware

The "Slik Nut" was developed for mounting "Slik Stands" and "Slik Chocks" in pickups, vans, trucks and trailers with metal floors for quick and easy installation and removal. They can also be used as a tie down point for any kind of cargo.



The hardware is used for mounting Slik Stands and Slik Chocks in a trailer with a wooden floor. Quick and easy installation and removal.